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So I know I have been gone for a minute. Things are hectic and very busy. I figured I would come back to writing here for a moment and share my #TuneoftheMoment.

Scared To Be Lonely by Martin Garrix and Dua Lipa was released earlier this year on January 27th 2017 and I must admit ever since I first heard it has been a song that is constantly on repeat whenever it plays on my iPod.

Following his 2016 collaboration with Bebe Rexha and ‘In the name of Love’ this song follows a very similar style in terms of its rhythmic feel with the build and bass drop style. However, what really just makes this song such a banger for me is the vocal power of Dua Lipa and how with combined with the production of the song with the subtle sounds of violins and drum interludes that build up to chorus where the subtle sounds of a piano lead into to this strong beat drop.

Adding to the magic of this song to me is also how well the flow of the melody matches with the lyrical pace of the show and how smoothly the lyrical story goes with the pace of the song. Written by Garrix along with Giorgio Tuinfort, Nathaniel Campany, Kyle Shearer and Georgia Ku and poses the questions of two people staying together despite the fact that their relationship may or may not be over.

I am loving the song on repeat at the moment Dua really brings her vocals to the front of this song and bringing it everything it needs to be a banger for me.

Buy/Listen to Scared to Be Lonely here https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/scared-to-be-lonely-single/id1196786247



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