Girls Talk Live International Women’s Day Event

Girls Talk London

Last week Wednesday I went to a really cool event held by Girls Talk London it was their  Girls Talk Live: International Women’s Day event. It was a panel of women across a range of different professions in music, media and journalism. The panel that was hosted by Vanessa Sanyauke (The founders of Girls Talk London) and Dean Quinton included a group of hardworking boss ladies including Genelle Aldred, Head of Digital Strategy at Tearfund, Claudia Liza-Armah, Presenter on Sunrise at Sky News, Zoe Kalus, News Editor at ITV News, Aimee Cliff, Associate Editor at The Fader and Velma Simmons, Business Development Executive at Universal Music Group 

The discussion held by the panel touched on a number of different issues that are current at the moment. As well as, issues that have consistently been around in terms of women in work sectors dominated by males, female rivalry, diversity, knowing your worth and many other topics.

Each of the panelists were amazing and shared their journies as to how they got their respective roles (each of which are killing it by the way) they had some insights and spoke some really encouraging words of wisdom for any young people wanting to get into those professions and also just spoke some real truths for any women to hear.

Photo 22-03-2017, 19 19 40

My takeaways from the panel came at various points and came from various of the panel members during the discussion.  Some of these words of wisdom that were dropped throughout the night included “Sometimes you need to go to go backwards to go forwards” what anybody can take from this is that it’s not always going to be smooth sailing to get to where you want to be and sometimes you have to take a moment and see what is the best way to go about achieving what it is you want to achieve and sometimes that might mean going back to school to study, doing an internship  and getting to know the basics again even though you have already finished studying and just taking going back to understand what it is you want to do so that you can be catapulted forward in your journey.

As well as “Having the confidence in your abilities” this particular statement speaks so true to me. I previously wrote a piece for my University Magazine Latitude Lookout on Confidence where I actually talked about this particularly and mentioned the fear and doubt people often have when trying new things and having the confidence and ability within yourself to trying new things and just going for it. Clearly this speaks so much more to just trying new things but also being able to believe in yourself and your abilities and using it in a way that can help you in the workplace nad believing in your capabilities to doing the best that you can do and be the best that you can be and just go for it any chance you can.

It’s very important that “whatever it is you want to do you research and understand what you’re getting yourself into” in this day and age it is no longer common for people to stay in the same occupation for a long period of time. More often than none people want to try new things and do as many things as they can. I know personally for myself this is true as I have so many interests and would love to be able to explore all of them in an in-depth way and so understand what those are and how those industries and job roles are like are more likely to give you a realistic perspective and expectation than what you might not know.

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In terms of personal qualities and traits that were highlighted in terms of how as people you can work towards doing whatever it is you and want to do and working in a way that will take to where it is you want to be some of the hints that were dropped included working hard, being diligent, knowing and understanding when and where is the right time and the right place,  doing the right thing and being authentic. All of these seems like things we are used to hearing when it comes to work ethic and traits people acquire. However, that being said some of them are an easier said than done type of thing and sometimes they take time to develop. Calling yourself a hard working doesn’t make you a hard worker that takes practice and disciple and an internal quality that one possess that makes them a hard worker.

There was so much more words of wisdom and insight that could turn this piece into a book if I recounted them. The overall message and key conclusion that I took from this event and the talk was “Modelling excellence” and “Model the behaviour you want to see”  this statement just seemed to wrap up everything perfectly. You can interpret this as you would like, for me it is the ability to just knowing what is you want to do and where you want to be and modelling that and just going for it. If you picture yourself in a certain career or job path there is nothing stopping you from starting journey TODAY  and doing whatever it is you can to getting yourself closer to where it is you want to be. It also speaks in a more general tone in terms of as a person being the type of person you want to see yourself as. There is something about confidence and being sure of yourself and just doing things that are for the greater good of yourself that makes people turn around and pay attention. As much as it is about competition and standing  out it if you take all the pieces of advice in this article having the confidence in your abilities, knowing researching and understanding what you want to do, working hard, being diligent, knowing and understanding when and where is the right time and the right place,  doing the right thing and being authentic then no doubt can you OUTSHINE anybody and do and achieve whatever it is you want to do.

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Overall I had a really good time at this event. I found truly inspirational and an enjoyable experience. Girls Talk London is an organisation that works to prepare young ladies with advice and skills that they can use to succeed in their chosen professions. You can check them out here and keep an eye out for many more exciting and insightful events.

Until the next one …



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