Throwback: Concert Review Jojo Live in London

On January 17th I had the pleasure of kicking off my gigs of the year with the one and only Jojo. The US pop star who was once on our radars with her early 2000’s hits ‘Leave (Get Out’ and ‘Too Little Too Late’ made her comeback last year with the release of her third studio album Mad Love thus embarking on the Mad Love Tour.

I among others gathered in the cold January night to KOKO London where she performed to a sold out crowd and might I say she did not disappoint. Having queued for roughly an hour and a bit I was lucky to get a solid view from the first level standing and so had no reasons to complain.

Her setlist certainly killed with all of her classic bangers such as ‘Leave (Get Out)’, ‘Baby It’s You’ ‘Too Little Too Late’ and the list goes on. She also killed with some of her newer songs like ‘Clovers’ ‘I Am’ ‘Like This’ ‘High Heels’ ‘Music’ ‘Vibe’ and so much more. She also managed to include her classic cover of Drake’s ‘Marvin’s Room’ which I have always thought she has killed every time she performs it.

No doubt did she have me on my feet with her being one of the only artists (except Beyonce) whose catalogue of songs I am familiar with. She really showed how in the way of modern pop music she is a classic performer and has a voice of gold. Multiple did I state out loud Who is Beyonce?? amazed and taken aback by her strong vocal abilities.

The fact that she was unable to release an album for the past 10 with her last album being released in 2006, due to her contract issues with her former record label of Blackground Records. Jojo was still able to release mixtapes and the odd single here, however 2016 marked a huge change and rejuvenation of her career with her finally being released from her contract and releasing a new album which showed that no matter how long her previous label tried to hold her back  there was no way of holding back such talent.

As a whole, the gig was one of the best I have been to. To see a performer that did not require any background dancers and just the company of a 3 man band deliver such strong vocals and a bring such a strong stage presence with all her songs from her classic anthems to her newer material that was a mix of pop with various different sounds and feel towards it as well as the acoustic covers and ballads (cause who doesn’t love a good ballad) was incredible.

No doubt has Jojo made a comeback and can be proof that no matter how talented you are. If you have the talent to share there is nobody that can hold you back from sharing and showing that talent. So until the next time (and there will be a next time), I will bask in the glory of January 17th, 2017 and the star that is Jojo.






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