Sofi De La Torre – Another.Not.Me.I’m Done.


Sofi De La Torre

As the time of summer is upon us there is nothing like fresh music to reflect this time of carefree days, vacationing (wherever you may be going) and just enjoying the time of not having to think about school. I personally always appreciate music that can reflect a time of my summer and so with this time I thought I would introduce you all to an artist you may not be familiar with Sofi De La Torre.

I first came across Sofi last year when I was doing my usual Friday night listening and came across her single Flex Your Way Out featuring Blackbear. Before then I had never heard of her, but boy am I glad that I discovered her. After instantly falling in love with the song probably because of the fact that it was so different that what was out at the time I made myself aware of her and quickly discovered her catalogue and discovered her previously released EPs Mess released in 2015 and some of her previously released singles I deemed myself a fan.

Sofi who is actually a Spanish singer has come up on the music scene giving an alternative label to her sound which is that of Pop Done Right. This label seems like a very fitting way to describe her sound which isn’t quite 100% pop but instead has some very unique and different vibes that give it so much more an R&B/mellow/chilled vibed. From the first track, I heard of hers going back to her song ‘Mess’ from her 2015 EP it is easy to see that Sofi is an artist who is different and as I have previously expressed I love the sounds of somebody who is just not what is out there at the moment and anybody who has a different vibe and has something different to bring to the table has the attention of my ears.

Following the release of her single Flex Your Way Out she released her next single $ on March 31st another song that I was loving as soon as I heard it, giving strong hints that her album would be a strong one. Then followed by two more promotional singles Views of You featuring Taylor Bennet and just this past week D.G.I.T (Don’t Get It Twisted)  all of which was leading up to her debut album Another.Not.Me.I’m Done. released this past Friday, May 19th.

The album as a whole encompasses her whole Pop Done Right Sound with each song coherently capturing her alternative pop/R&B vibe. Her voice has a very soft sound it with much of her vocals blending with the various melodies of each of the song. Some might say that most of the songs sound the same or follow the same sort of tune. However, I believe that De La Torre brings different kinds of vibes with songs like Old You, Nike Grey, Cocktails & Emotions each sounding so different to each other and all have this underlying Pop Done Right tone to them.

Sofi De La Torre Another Not Me I'm Done

As a whole I’m really loving Sofi De La Torre, her sound is not really like anything that is out there at the moment and while there is a rise of this alternative pop sound I believe that she might be underrated so I’m going to keep my eye out for when those tour dates are announced and keep a look out on what Sofi is up to next.

Overall I would give Another.Not.Me.I’m Done. here a 7/10

Listen to Another.Not.Me.I’m Done. 






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