I’m late to the Kendrick Lamar Party

Kendrick Lamar 1

I always like to think that I am on top of the music scene and kind of know whats the happening who’s hot who’s not (LOL sometimes) but in this case I might be wrong. I have just realised that since the year of 2013 I have been walking around without the knowledge of the artist that is Kendrick Lamar

Now don’t get me wrong I do know what Kendrick Lamar. I am not completely clueless and out of the loop. I first heard Kenrick on the scene when we featured on A$AP Rocky’s F**Kin Problems with Drake and  I was like okay okay whoever this guy is he’s good he aight. Following that, I heard him on a couple of other features which he killed and then his own song Swimming Pools which was the Lloyd Remix with Agust Alsina mind you I was there for Llyod and not necessarily Kendrick.

So it should come as no surprise that I didn’t really buy into the hype that was Kendrick even after he won his Grammy for his album How to Pimp a Butterfly I was like whatever this guy is overhyped. He has always killed on features his verses HOT but his own stuff has been alright.

That is until this year when I finally came across the magic that is Kendrick Lamar. Following the announcement that he was going to be headlining Coachella I again didn’t pay any mind to it. I was more excited about Beyonce who ended up not even playing. Kendrick teased his new album in early April telling fans they had until April 7th to get themselves together which fans thought meant he was going to drop the album. To which he then announced the release of his new album Damn to be released on April 14th. Even then I was not instantly in a rush to hear this album so I waited and heard it like 3 or 4 weeks after it was released, and when I did it changed my life.

Kendrick Lamar 3

First of all I realised that his lyrics are fire, his flow is fire, his beats are fire, of course, Humble was my tune of life and so after this discovery I decided to go back to his past 3 catalogues from his debut album and I realised that I am late to the party that is Kendrick Lamar.

The way it feels is that I have been under a rock and now I am finally seeing the light. So many bangers he has released including Poetic Justice (WHICH IS MY TUNE OF LIFE), Alright, Money Trees, Backseat Freestyle, Don’t Kill My Vibe, Love, and so many other bangers.

I can only imagine after waking up from this sleep of mine what I have missed out on. When he headlined British Summer Time last year and has played shows in London. However, I do know that as he is currently embarking on the DAMN Tour taking place in America I am ready right now for those UK Dates to be released and once they are I will be there front and centre.


Event though I’m late to the party I’m here now which is the most important thing. To make sure that you too are also not late to the party check out Kendrick Lamar when you get the chance to




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