Miesa: Bringing back the sounds of 90s R&B


So once again, I know I have let this site go for a while.  I have been writing, I’ve been so busy writing everywhere but this site. As I mentioned at the beginning of the year I am working on something that is coming very soon and so that is where most of my focus has gone. As well as me writing for a few other online sites, which has meant that I have put this blog to the back front which is so not on. I have been thinking about ways I can take this more and do with this site and that might mean that I start it from scratch with more focused and regular content. But until that happens I will keep it going because I do just enjoy writing for me.

So without further ado, I thought I would do my comeback post on an artist I have just met and semi-fallen in love with who goes by the name of Miesa.

Meisa is an artist I was recently introduced to through the release of her EP When Love. The EP was released on June 23rd and as soon as I heard I knew I found a new artist to love.

I’m sure I’ve mentioned before on some of my previous posts. I am a sucker for an up and coming artist, game changer and an artist that just comes with a different sound. (Need examples refer to Sofi De La Torre and Ella Mai) So when I heard her EP for the first time it was her smooth R&B vibes I was instantly drawn to.

I immediately did my research discovering that Miesa is a 24-year-old American artist who hails from New Jersey. Signed to Siri Music Group a sublabel of Capitol Records she has previously only released a span of singles since 2013. Of course, I couldn’t sing her praises without going back and listening to those singles of which of favourite has to be Antidote which was released in 2013. (Worry not I will share a link at the end of this post where you can discover her catalogue for yourselves)

Mind you I only went back and discovered these hidden singles once I heard her debut EP When Love. Which brings us to the forefront of this post. As I discover when I hear a new artist I never have any sort of expectation. Whenever I do my usual New Music Friday listening sessions I often go after what is out that I know off as well as discovering a new artist I’ll often get a mix of EPs, albums, singles and just have a big listening session as I do something.

Miesa When Love Hurts

So when I came across Miesa’s When Love on June 23rd I was pleasantly surprised. Not only was I loving the vibes but I had to know more.  The EP which consisted of 6 tracks, of which all consisted of this R&B sound that brought me to the smooth sounds of the 90s I love.

Starting with the first track all the way to the last. The songs between all belong to a sonically coherent body of work. Without all of the songs sounding the same, the 6 all take all different vibes with the opening track My Antidote starting with a gentle and soft sound with the piano and  gentle guitars vibes moving through to Overdrive which then builds to still a mellow but definitely base-ir sound (if that is even a word? If not I just made it up) Adjusted to Lonely then goes down a bit more but still stays at a mellow vibe. You can tell each song tells the story of the lyrics through the different melodies and vibes and matches the lyrics so well.

You can tell each song tells the story of the lyrics through the different melodies and vibes and matches the lyrics so well. My personal favourite Sway (Miss You) which is actually a remix of her 2016 single has to be the song that sold Meisa to me. I have to repeat this song every time I hear it. I just think that it is such a tune. Bring on those da da da da’s all day. Everything about this track including the story in the lyrics paired with the beat. I have to admit that compared to the original I am loving this remix. Not to say that the original is bad but this is definitely my tune.

Going on to the next track If I Didn’t Love which was actually the first single of the EP goes back to a more gentler sounds post Sway. The EP closes with All That’s Left which draws the EP to soft whimsical tone and concludes the whole sound perfectly.

Overall I am giving this EP a good 4/5. I feel like Meisa is definitely an artist to be aware and be on the look out for Lord knows I will be looking out for more songs to come and checking out those tour dates once she crosses the pond over to the UK.

To check out Meisa check out both her EP and her catalogue on Spotify and visit her website http://miesamusic.com/ and check her social media @miesamusic.

Check out her EP When Love on Apple Music and Spotify.



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