Books To Read by Successful Boss Ladies

Taking a break from all things entertainment in my recent posts I thought I would post something different.

During the middle of last year I found myself reignited with my love for reading. As a child I remember I used to enjoy reading books, I can’t say why I found the idea of sitting down and reading a book more exciting then anything else but I did.

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It’s been a year



It has been exactly one year since I started this website. I feel like this has been one of my best projects I ever did for myself. Although I set myself some pretty ambitious goals such as photo a day I am very happy with what I have done with this site.

I have been pretty lacking throughout the months and while I continue to write and grow the site I hope to gain more readers and people that are sharing the same interests as me. My focus is primarily music and entertainment but I will still continue to write about other things that interest me

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Website Update

whats-going-onThis post is a little late and my writing duties have been so off recently. I have had so many ideas and content I have been planning on writing but I have been so busy and every time I say I’m going to write something I have just been distracted but the life of school etc.

When I set out to start this “website” I had so many ideas of things I would want to write about. Different restaurants I have been to and foods I want to try. Movies I have watched and all that stuff. I had a plan of doing a photography journal of a picture a day for this year  THAT TANKED

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Event First Steps


Last night I had the joy of attending the Event First Steps event that was held at the Digital Catapult Center. It was a very interesting and enlightening event for me to go to and I actually enjoyed it and took some great lessons away from it.

The set up was a number of speakers who each gave a TEDtalk type of talk speaking for roughly 10 minutes each, talking about different experiences in the Events industry and giving us young event professionals some food for thought and advice about the industry.

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Vogue 100: Century of Style Exhibition

Photo 10-03-2016 14 58 54

On Thursday I took it upon myself to go and see the Vogue 100 exhibition that is currently showing at the National Portrait Gallery. Not that I am much of a fashionista or an avid Vogue reader, I just thought it would be interesting so I went and took a look at the exhibition.

All that being said,  I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the exhibition and thought it was very well put together and laid out and the way in which it showed the history of the magazine throughout the century and how it evolved and changed over each era. I highly suggest that if you have not seen it you go and look at the exhibition even just as a historical documentation of a art, fashion and photography over the last 100 years.

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Event Management – the Next Generation


So I’m sure as most of you are aware I am an Events Management student. This past Thursday I went to an event which was held by Glisser which is an Event Tech company. They put together an event called Event Management – the Next Generation for various Events students and professionals.

The event was a networking session, as well as a discussion panel. What was really interesting about this event was that the company produced an interactive powerpoint presentation to which the audience used to ask the panelists questions and also link social media such as Twitter. I thought that this event was a very thoughtful and useful event to go to. As an Events student I find it hard to find and engage with other Events students and people in that field of study besides the people on my course, as well as meeting and interacting with industry professional so I thought that this event was a great opportunity for that and I spoke and met with lots of interesting people who all shared a common interest in events and that was an enjoyable experience.

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New Year New You!


Happy New Years everybody!

I hope that you all had a good New Years. I was sick in bed with a cold still am but whatever. Anyway this year I have decided that I want to challenge myself in terms of my creativity. I started this website 2 days ago and I have so many ideas of what I want to do with it. Share everything about the things I like. We’ll see how far the hype lives but so far I’m hoping I will actually last the year.

One of the big things I want to do this year is to improve my photography some of you may not know but I would consider myself to be a ‘budding’ photographer. It’s not something I too take seriously but more so do for fun and something I enjoy doing. That being said I am going on a photography course to learn more about it and I am looking at doing a summer course to improve my knowledge further. Part of that includes me taking part in this 365-day photography challenge. It is taking a picture everyday for a year starting today. I have no idea what I am doing, but I have an idea of things I want to captures and effects I want to create, I would hope that by doing this challenge and learning from my various courses that it will all in all help my ability as a photographer so I’ll see how far it goes.

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