Ella Mai Ready


I know I’ve been gone for a minute. Things have been very crazy and hectic with school (the struggle) anyway I’m back from my absence with the best thing I’ve heard in a while! As some of you may have read my post that recapped my favourite albums from 2016. One of the only artists that managed to top the list twice was The DJ Mustard signee and British R&B singer Ella Mai with her EPs Time and Change both released last year. Well Ella is starting the year off right with the third and final instalment in what is her EP trilogy and her fourth EP overall. (hopefully this means that a full length album is coming! Fingers Crossed)

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Books To Read by Successful Boss Ladies

Taking a break from all things entertainment in my recent posts I thought I would post something different.

During the middle of last year I found myself reignited with my love for reading. As a child I remember I used to enjoy reading books, I can’t say why I found the idea of sitting down and reading a book more exciting then anything else but I did.

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This is probably the first New Music Friday I’ve ever done. Probably because most of the time I listen to new music in the evenings and don’t actually get to listen to the songs until Saturday hence why my music posts fall on a Saturday. NOT TODAY THOUGH. This morning I decided to listen to a couple of songs off the bat and already I have 2 that I’m obsessed with and everybody needs to be obsessed with as well.

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Golden Globes 2017

It is January 2017 and that means that that time of the award season is among us. Good news for me because that means I have content and things in the entertainment world to cover. We shall however, see how much I keep up with.

Kicking off the award season was the 2017 Golden Globes that took place last night celebrating the best of Film and Television over the past year. Whilst I didn’t cover the nominees I think they were a good group of people granted at what was released.

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Coachella Lineup 2017


Considering I have never actually been to California before, few times a year do I wish I could just teleport myself to be there. Instances such as the Grammy Awards which would be the ultimate award show to go, The Oscars cause who wouldn’t want to go the oscars. Granted my time will come and one day I will be at both these awards shows.

Another of those instances is when April arrives and the Coachella Music and Arts Festival graces its presence among the people of the Coachella Desert. Year after year do I see pictures that make me wish I was a hippy/bohemian/flower crown wearing person going with the flow and attending what seems like the ultimate music festival.

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It’s been a year



It has been exactly one year since I started this website. I feel like this has been one of my best projects I ever did for myself. Although I set myself some pretty ambitious goals such as photo a day I am very happy with what I have done with this site.

I have been pretty lacking throughout the months and while I continue to write and grow the site I hope to gain more readers and people that are sharing the same interests as me. My focus is primarily music and entertainment but I will still continue to write about other things that interest me

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Best Music of 2016

It can be agreed that 2016 has been a very interesting year. Nobody could have predicted what was to come out of the year and as the year draws to a close it’s not only crazy to think about how quick it has been and also how much stuff has happened. The Olympics Brexit etc. As a year it has been busy. However one thing that has come out strong from this busy year has been music. 2016 was the year that everybody in music just decided to to release GOOD MUSIC  the amount of  albums released throughout the year from new artists, old artists having a comeback and just music in general.  It has been by far the most exciting in most recent years. Continue reading “Best Music of 2016”